(5) Information

Ph.D. Candidate in Biology: Ecology, Ethology, and Evolution

School of Integrative Biology, Department of Animal Biology at the University of Illinois


Email: john.williams.crawford “at” gmail.com

Follow me on Twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn.


I am always interested in talking about research opportunities and/or collaborative efforts in biology or government.


—– Publications and Links to Papers —–

My Google Scholar Profile


Crawford, J.W., I. Redlinski, C.F. Steiner, & C.E. Cáceres. 2015. Life-history evolution in a Daphnia ambigua  population during community assembly. Journal of Plankton Research: 37(2).


Heath, K.D., E. Bagley, A.J.M. Berkey, D.M. Birlenbach, M.K. Carr-Markell, J.W. Crawford, M.A. Duennes, J.O. Han, M.J. Haus, S.M. Hellert, C.J. Holmes, B.C. Mommer, J. Ossler, R. Perry, L. Powers, D.R. Scholes, C.A. Silliman, L.R. Stein, C.J. Wesseln. 2014. Amplify the Signal: Graduate Training in Broader Impacts of Scientific Research. BioScience: 64(6), 517-523.

**Feel free to email me for PDFs of these papers.

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