(1) About Me

I am an evolutionary ecologist and a limnologist. I am interested in the reciprocal dynamics of ecology and evolution. Most of my research is focused on freshwater systems.

My Ph.D. dissertation research (in the lab of Carla Cáceres) is focused on intraspecific (within species / within population) variation and how this variation can influence population/community/evolutionary dynamics, competitive outcomes, and invasions.


As an undergrad at Lawrence University, I worked with Professor Bart De Stasio on several projects including comparative limnological studies on Wisconsin lakes (with the Aquatic Ecology class), Aquatic Invasive Species monitoring of the Fox River, coral reef surveys in the Caribbean, and environmental quality post-implementation of the Clean Water Act. This last opportunity allowed me to pair my interests in biology and government and culminated in my thesis on the improvement in water quality over 40 years.

I read a lot, rarely without at least a couple of books stacked around my desk at home and at work. Including biographies and histories of science and environmental issues. Less work-related reading include history and historical fiction, a few favorite fiction writers, philosophy, politics, and international relations. My reading is mostly on how teams and leaders are most effective.

Outside of work, I like being in the outdoors and enjoy hiking, biking, canoeing (whitewater and flatwater), and rock climbing (bouldering and sport). I train with kettlebells and rucking. In 2015 I got involved with Team RWB.

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